Love of Learning – Our Mission & Philosophy

*** Mission Statement ***

Our mission is to provide exceptional care to children while fostering each child’s intellectual, social, physical and moral development in an academic-rich multi-cultural environment.

*** Philosophy ***

In a safe and caring environment, Japanese Schoolhouse nurtures each child into reaching his or her full creative, intellectual, social and independent self. We strive to provide the children with the ingredients needed to build a solid foundation as  each child evolves into a lifelong learner.

We use customized learning curriculum and age-specific materials to stimulate education and development. Children are exposed to a wide variety of experiences to expand creative thinking and make each day special and meaningful.

*** Curriculum ***

We believe education gives us the tools we need to make positive changes in the world. We strive to create a fun and academic-rich environment where children are inspired to learn new skills and to build mental strength.

Our curriculum and activities focus to enhance the child’s natural curiosity about the world and give her/him the tools to succeed. Our curriculum is rich in literacy, math, music, science, social development and creative arts.

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